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Our Mission

Let's level the playing field by making the recruiting process more transparent. We are giving candidates the power to review their recruiters. It's time to improve the recruiting industry for both job seekers and recruiters!

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Learn about your recruiter by reading trusted reviews from fellow job seekers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Rate My Recruiters free to use?

Yes! Your input is extremely valuable to us and the recruiting community. If you want to help us further, then please spread the word about Rate My Recruiters!

Q: As a recruiter, what can I do to improve my rating?

The best way to improve your rating is by acting on the feedback you receive. However, if you feel that a review was unfair or unjustified we will work with you to resolve the issue.

Q: As an agency, how can we get involved?

Rate My Recruiters is focused on improving the recruiting industry for both candidates and recruiters. We can work with you to improve your profile and even feature your agency if receives a lot of positive feedback.

Q: As a recruiter, can I respond to reviews?

Yep! Once you authenticate your profile, you will be able to respond directly to each review. Your response will be displayed along with the review.